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Bucketlist, bro

So here's my bucketlist. it may not be super realistic, but I do genuinely want to accomplish this stuff. Life's about adventure, and that's what I want, an adventure.

My bucket list

1. Become a singer
2. Start a YouTube channel
3. Try every flavor of vitamin water
4. Tattoooooos
5. Go all blonde
6. Dye my hair purple
7. Get a boyfriend
8. Make out with a random person
9. Meet Demi Lovato
10. Become a recording artist
11. Sell out arenas and perform
12. Meet Miley Cyrus
13. Love my body
14. Find a boy that isn’t using me
15. Go to every continent
16. Attend Berklee Music College
17. Visit developing and poor countries and volunteer
18. Be skinny
19. Meet Ed Sheeran
20. Meet One Direction
21. Meet Lana del Rey
22. Meet Marina
23. Meet Birdy
24. Meet The XX
25. Meet OFWGKTA
26. Try out for Xfactor
27. Have a number 1 album
28. But my mom a the car of her dreams
29. No budget shopping sprees

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